Neymar’s Play-Acting Habit & What Jesus Feels About Play-Acting – Duke Jeyaraj on the Brazil-Mexico Round of 16 Game in the Russia World Cup 2018

Though Neymar ‘fired in the opening goal and helped Firmino slot the other’ in Brazil 2-0 win over Mexico in the Round of 16, he got into needless controversy of ‘play-acting’. His ‘exaggerated reaction – the player dramatically writhed on the turf after Miguel Layun approached him and had made a slight contact with his ankle – suggested a repeat of his play-acting that marred his play in the group phase’ (AFP). Was Neymar a compulsive play-actor? Football hypocrite? Play-acting. Hypocrisy.That’s something Jesus hated hard. He promised certain hell for the Pharisees who were champions at this in a tirade against them recorded in Matthew 23. “You snakes, you brood of vipers, how will you escape being condemned to hell!” – Jesus, the greatest hell-preacher ever preached. Ofcourse stubborn hypocrites will be finally ‘cured’ of their acting in hell – when they holler in agony, it will be because of real agony – not play-acting, as hell is indeed a place of continuous torment!neymar jr

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