WHEN INJUSTICE HAPPENS AROUND DO, DO YOU ALLOW IT TO AFFECT YOUR WORK? Duke Jeyaraj’s Bible Devotion from the England – Columbia Round of 16 Game / Russia 2018

Duke Jeyaraj’s Bible Devotion from the England-Columbia Round of 16 Game in Russia 2018

Columbia may have gotten two red-cards for its horrendous on-field behavior in the round of 16 match versus England in the Russia World Cup 2018. Here is how one of those two incidents went: ‘The incident occurred just moments after Englandhad won a free-kick on the edge of Colombia’s box. As Kieran Trippier lined up to take a free-kick, Henderson and Wilmar Barrios jostled in the wall. Barrios and Henderson were stood next to one another when the Colombian midfielder dug his head into the chest of the Liverpool midfielder. He then flicked his head back into the face of Henderson, with England’s players appealing to the referee Mark Geiger.’ – so said a newspaper report. Only a yellow card was given to the Colombian ‘head-butter’. Columbia continued to play the rest of the game with 11 players. ‘Three Lions skipper won a penalty after he was pulled down in the box by Carlos Sanchez’ (news reports). Even this offense must have had a red-card flash on Sanchez, but he escaped just with a yellow card. Not just that. ‘As Harry Kane, England Skipper, prepared to take the set piece, Johan Mojica decided to dig his boot into the penalty spot’ as an another report said. But Kane kept cool, and scored for England through that penalty kick. These injustices could have affected England when they went about the penalty shoot-out after the scoreline was 1-1 even after 120 minutes of play. Columbia was lucky to get the injury time goal which took the game to extra time. England could have asked the question: “Why are the cheats getting lucky?” They should have easily won over a 9-man Columbia in regulation time, had the red-cards been issued. What was worse they had never won a penalty-shoot-out in a major World tournament ever. But they did not allow ‘the prosperity of the wicked’ affect them and held their nerves in the penalty shootout and won it, in what was a team effort. In Psalm 73 that was the question which deeply bothered the Psalmist – the prosperity of the wicked. The Psalm’s ‘feet almost slipped’ (Psa. 73:2) thinking about this gnawing question, the way England almost lost the round of 16 game versus Columbia thinking about how Columbia got away so many of their on-field crimes without much punishment. The answer to that question about the wicked people’s prosperity lay in the sanctuary, otherwise the Lord’s presence, I learn from reading Psalm 73. One fine day, if the wicked still do not repent, they will be sent packing to hell where they will punished forever. Till then, they have a chance to take a U-turn and come to Jesus, the only Way! This is what I understand after having read Psalm 73:17 and the rest of the Bible! Are you letting the progress of the fraud in your office affect your own work? Are you letting the promotion of that phony guy disturb you so much that you are not doing what you are supposed to do? Learn from England – the elegant-under-pressure England that beat cheating Columbia in the round of 16 of the Russia World Cup 2018. Get inspiration from Psalm 73.
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