FRANCE & HEAVEN – Duke Jeyaraj






E (tc, Etc)



E(-very nation represented)

A(-ll who put their faith in Jesus in Heaven)


E(-very nation represented)

N(-o one who trusts Jesus exempted from Heaven)

Duke Jeyaraj

Colin Randall wrote these lines about 2018 World Cup Football winner, France: ‘Now as then, Les Bleus are drawn from mixed ethnic origins. Mbappe, already a footballing phenomenon at 19, is the son of a Cameroonian father and an Algerian mother. Griezmann, though born in the Burgundy town of Macon, has German and Portuguese blood. And throughout the World Cup squad is evidence of the different roots and skin colours that make up France’s sometimes fractured society: players born in France or abroad to parents with origins in Mali, Guinea, Togo, the Congo and Angola as well as Monaco, Italy and Spain’ (The National). Kevin Baxter penned, ‘Sixteen of the 23 players on the team come from families that recently immigrated to France from places like Zaire, Martinique, Cameroon, Morocco, Angola, Congo or Algeria. Defender Samuel Umtiti, who scored the goal that sent France to the final, was born in Cameroon. Even captain Hugo Lloris, the goalkeeper, traces his recent roots to Spain’ (Los Angeles Times). The Cup Winners of 1 nation hailed from various nations! The French team which had players who were blazing white, beautiful brown and brilliant black – when it came to skin complexion – either defended together (even mid-fielder Paul Pogba) and (at times) attacked together!! They did things together!!! The World Cup was theirs! It will be so, in the final day. It will be so when the curtains are called on Time. It will so post the second coming of God in flesh Jesus Christ who died for the sins of each one reading this. The book of Revelation in the Bible says among those who ‘overcome through the blood of Lamb’ – the winners on the other side of eternity (Rev. 12:11) there will be those from ‘every nation, tribe, people and language’ (Rev. 5:9; 7:9). So, no matter who you are and which country you are from, come to Jesus, the God who shed His blood for you on the Cross, in repentance and faith, right now!

(Duke Jeyaraj is the founder of Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission, the G4 Mission. This is a reader supported Indian ministry. Find out more at, and http://www.dukewords.)

By dukewords

Duke Jeyaraj, is a sinner saved by Grace, a preacher of God’s Word to Google Generation. Duke holds a B. Tech. Degree from Allahabad University (1997), Masters of Divinity from Southern Asia Bible College - Bangalore (2001) and Doctor of Ministry from Southern Asia Bible College (2014). Duke founded the Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna
Mission, in the year 2006. This is an inter-church ministry funded by individual Indians who are blessed by Duke-Evan’s ministry and not by any church denomination.

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