Jesus’ first message had these three key words: repent, believe, the Gospel (Mark 1:15). We can put that in a memorable way: (1) grieve/leave your SIN/(2)believe on the Savior/(3)perceive the story of the Gospel. The parallel verse in Matthew’s Gospel says, “Jesus BEGAN to preach, ‘Repent for the kingdom of heaven is near!’ (Matt. 4:17). It is sad to note that there are preachers who claim to preach the Gospel/do ministry where from BEGINNING TO END there is no mention of repentance. Matt. 4:17 also gives a ignored-motivation for repentance: the soon return of Jesus to the earth to establish his kingdom (in other words, his second coming, post which there will be judgment, post which punishment in hell, etc), Today, we want to only talk about the LOVE OF GOD as a motivation for repentance. In his very first sermon, Jesus invoked the WRATH OF GOD as a motivation for repentance. Choose today, who will be your preaching model. Jesus or the cultic, taking-people-to-hell hyper-grace false teachers! I would rather go with Jesus!

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By dukewords

Duke Jeyaraj, is a sinner saved by Grace, a preacher of God’s Word to Google Generation. Duke holds a B. Tech. Degree from Allahabad University (1997), Masters of Divinity from Southern Asia Bible College - Bangalore (2001) and Doctor of Ministry from Southern Asia Bible College (2014). Duke founded the Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna
Mission, in the year 2006. This is an inter-church ministry funded by individual Indians who are blessed by Duke-Evan’s ministry and not by any church denomination.

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