Holy Week / Lent Devotions


Duke Jeyaraj brings out devotional thoughts from the events of the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter

During Passion Week Saturday – the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter – the Bible records three events took place:

1. The SEALING – The tomb Jesus was buried in was sealed and a guard posted to gaurd the tomb following a bizarre request of Jewish Leaders (Matt.27:62-66). When they went to Roman Governor Pilate with a request to seal Jesus’ tomb, the Jewish Leaders called Jesus a “deceiver” (Matt. 27:63).

Everyone in this world has to call Jesus by some name: some may call him “deceiver”, some call him a mere “do-gooder”, and still others call him “divine”. When we study the claims of Jesus and the proofs he offered for these claims (sinless life, prophecies fulfilled, etc) we have no option but to call him “divine”. He is the ONLY way to God, he said (John 14:6). And he was God himself in flesh and bone (John 1). What is your title for Jesus?

2. The SLEEPING – I use the word “sleeping” to refer to rest here. The women who witnessed Jesus’ death “rested on the Sabbath” in obedience to the Commandment (Luke 23:56).

As New Testament Christians we do not have to follow the ritualistic aspects Mosiac Law of Sabbath (Heb. 8:13). But, nevertheless, we must take rest following the example of Jesus who told his followers, “Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile” (Mark 6:31). If we don’t rest enough, there is always the danger of a burnout. While we must all get enough sleep, the Bible tells us that we must not “love” sleep (or shall be say, over-sleep) (Prov. 20:13). Do you over-sleep during the Corona Virus lockdown?

3. The SHOPPING – The Sabbath is celebrated “evening to evening” (Lev. 23:32). The Sabbath of those times were observed from 6 PM Friday to 6 PM on Saturday. Post 6 PM on Passion Week Saturday, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome went shopping! They bought spices so that they can carry it to Jesus’ grave the following day early morning (Mark 16:1). They did not want to go to Jesus’ presence empty-handed. They wanted to give something to Jesus. They perhaps followed God’s instructions in the Old Testament: None shall appear before me empty-handed (Ex. 23:15).

Do you prepare in advance when it comes to giving God? Or do you simply fish out the whatever pittance in your pocket and give it to God and His servants? Let’s learn from these women! Why not plan in advance to give God? Scheduling a monthly Bank transfer to a ministry you feel lead to support, over and above what you give to your local church, is one way of preparing to give! What will you give God today? Will you give him your time, talent, and treasure?

(Duke Jeyaraj is the founder of Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission, a ministry to presentday people. This ministry is supported by Indians who read Duke’s writings and hear his messages. Find out more about this ministry by liking or visiting

By dukewords

Duke Jeyaraj, is a sinner saved by Grace, a preacher of God’s Word to Google Generation. Duke holds a B. Tech. Degree from Allahabad University (1997), Masters of Divinity from Southern Asia Bible College - Bangalore (2001) and Doctor of Ministry from Southern Asia Bible College (2014). Duke founded the Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna
Mission, in the year 2006. This is an inter-church ministry funded by individual Indians who are blessed by Duke-Evan’s ministry and not by any church denomination.

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