Hannah is a famous mother the Bible talks about. From her life we can learn lessons not just for moms and kids but everyone else.

I took a long look at her life in the first Mother’s Day of my life post my graduation from Bible College. That was when I was a Youth Pastor in Delhi. That was in May 2001. Recently I bumped into the notes I had made then to share a message from her life in the Mother’s Day Sunday service – a service where only a small bunch of people heard me. Thanks to WhatsApp, I thought that I can make that sermon available to a world-wide audience. Here are excepts from that.


1 Samuel 1:2,6-7 talks about the teased Hannah. She was not the only wife of her husband, Elkanah. The other wife in her husband’s life was Peninnah. The Lord’s command was clear: one man for one woman (Gen. 2:24). Elkanah was copying the example of a murderous sinner in the Bible called Lamech who first married more than one woman (Gen. 4:19). What did this other wife do? Since she had kids, she made fun of Hannah. May be she used these phrases: “I got pregnant. You only get fat!”/“Hey, Hannah, look at my tummy! I am carrying! Nothing for you! Not even an insect inside your stomach! So sad! Tough luck!”/ “I did the job for Elkanah to raise a heir. You failed!”/ “You have no chance of being the promised Messiah’s mom!” This taunt was tossed each time Hannah had her periods. There was no period to these taunts. They were relentless.

Do you taunt others? About their looks? About their inability? Then you have the sinful spirit of Peninnah. If we posses anything good, it is because of the sheer grace of God and sovereignty of God! So do not taunt others for lacking the skill/the blessing God gracious gave you. It is a sin! Paul wrote, “In humility, consider others better than yourselves” (Phil. 2:3).


I Samuel 1:4,5,8 talks about Hannah who was touched by her husband Elkanah’s warm words of romance. He told her as she reeled with heart-sinking feelings of barrenness: “You may not have kids. But you have me. Isn’t that better than having ten sons!” (I Sam. 1:8). When was the last time husband that you talked romantically with your wife? Do you only use your wife for your stomach needs and sex needs while royally ignoring her need for loving chats? That’s being super mean. Repent.


I Samuel 1:9-11 talks about the travailing Hannah. This is how she prayed: “Give me a son, Lord. I will give him back to you!” This was a noble prayer. Some childless moms pray this way: “Give me a child Lord. I will write about that in a Christian magazine or post a testimony on Facebook!” I believe you can do better. I believe you must pray like Hannah. Oh for moms who will pray like Hannah with a missionary spirit: “Give me a child Lord. And I will feed him with missionary milk and shape him/her into a servant of the Gospel!”

Leonard Ravenhill wrote, “We have preachers who would rather travel, than travail (in prayer)!” Hannah travailed for a physical son. We must travail for spiritual children. We must be ready to go into birth pains, like Paul, till Christ is formed in those we disciple (Gal. 4:19).


I Samuel 1:12-15 talks about the tainting of Hannah’s character by Priest Eli, the officiating minister in the Temple Hannah went to pray for a child. She was thought to be drunk. She was taunted by the other wife and now this “pastor” is tainting her. Trouble after trouble. Problem after problem. As long as you are on this side of eternity, you will  have trouble and you will be misunderstood. Don’t dream about a life that would be free of all of this. Don’t believe the lies of that popular preacher who tells you that if you come to Christ, your life will be trouble free! Only God who knows everything can understand you perfectly. So, instead of impressing people, become intimate with God!


Hannah believed that God would grant her request. She smiled. She no longer cried (I Sam. 1:17-18). What Paul wrote in Philippians 4:6-7 was true in Hannah’s life. She submitted her petitions to God. She found peace which God alone gave, post that. “Oh what peace we often forfeit/Oh what needless pain we bear/All because we do not carry / Everything to God in prayer” – so wrote the wise hymn-writer. If it was God’s plan for you to have that blessing, no force on earth can stop that blessing in your life. No plan of God can be thwarted, Job learnt (Job 42:2).


I Samuel 1:19-20 teaches that Hannah not only made intercessions to the Heavenly one so that she would have a son – she also had intercourse with her husband. She not made supplication for a son; she also had sex! Prayer must be coupled with action. You pray, “Lord, save my neighbor!” That’s good. But have you smiled at your neighbor? Have you invited him/her home? Have you started evangelistic conversations with her that started with the latest movie or that hit secular song? Have you given him a copy of the Bible? Or a tract?


I Samuel 1:24-28 talks about the trust-worthy Hannah who not promised but made good her promise. She became pregnant. She had a baby boy. She weaned that boy. She travelled with to the very place where she travailed that God would make her pregnant with him. She kept her word that she would give him back to God. Have you made a promise to God that you have not kept. I committed for fulltime ministry as a 13-year old in the year 1988 in a camp. On November 7, 2008, as a 34-year-old tent-making missionary with the HSBC Group, I quit my job to join the organization I founded in 2006 called Grabbing the Google Gen from Gehenna Mission (G4 Mission). I still work fulltime for God. What satisfaction and joy I have! What about you? What about the promises you made to God after that moving message?

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Joseph of Arimathea: R Nugget Lessons on Resurrection Sunday – Duke Jeyaraj


Bible scholars say this about Joseph’s hometown: “He was a native of arimathea, the town high up in the hills some thirty miles from Jerusalem to the north-west. But, small and secluded as this town was, it was famous as the birthplace of the great prophet Samuel.”

This Joseph was…

  1. “Rich” – Matt. 27:57. You may be rich. But riches cannot give you peace, or a place in heaven. You need Jesus.
  2. “Religious” – This Joseph was a respected member of the (Jewish) council (Mark 15:43). Religion cannot save. A relationship with Jesus will save. Eternal Life is to know Jesus.
  3. “Righteous” – The Bible says Joseph of Arimathea was a righteous man (Luke 23:50). Our righteous deeds cannot save us. They are like filthy rags, Prophet Isaiah writes. But out of gratitude to the Lord who saved us, we live righteously, enabled by the Spirit of God.
  4. “Reclusive” – This Joseph feared the Jews (John 19:38) and so he was a secret/reclusive follower of Jesus. There is no secret service in the Kingdom of God. Every man Jesus called, he called publicly, Billy Graham would often say.
  5. “Rent” – Joseph of Arimathea wanted to give his tomb to Jesus. Jesus just stayed for three days. Jesus rose again from the dead. So Joseph’s tomb became a place where Jesus stayed for three-days without having to pay ‘rent’! Joseph gave Jesus his tomb, Mary her womb, but there are those who wont give Jesus even a comb after having experienced his love! Sad! We must be willing to use the time, talent and treasures that Jesus has given us to build his kingdom!

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AMBATI RAYUDU: WHEN DESPERATION FOR A THING CAN LEAD TO YOUR DOWN-FALL Duke Jeyaraj brings a Bible lesson from the dropping of Ambati Rayudu in India’s squad for the World Cup 2019


Harsha Bhogle, the ace Cricket commentator who often makes you think by what he says, made this statement in a Cricbuzz video about Ambati Rayudu narrowly missing being selected for India’s ODI team for World Cup 2019 in England-Wales: When Kohli mentioned in an interview after a Rayudu ODI hundred as recently as in October 2018 that he has locked the No. 4 spot for himself, Rayudu was super-excited. This was big for him. He was super-thrilled to know that he would be No.4 in India’s mighty ODI lineup in the June-July 2019 World Cup – about 9 months away (then). He became pregnant with that thought. He even decided to quit playing red ball cricket post that. He wanted to focus on getting fully ready to be India’s No. 4 bat in the World Cup. He knew as a 34-year old this could be his best chance to be in India’s playing XI in a World Cup event (He was part of the 2015 World Cup ODI squad of India, but did not feature in the starting XI in any game). In the buildup to the 2015 WC, he played every single ODI, didn’t play a single match in the tournament .Then came the surprising slip in form. It often happens in life. When you desperately want something – the thing you want seems to go further away from you. It happened in Ambati Rayudu’s case. It was huge for him to be no.4 in the World Cup and I wonder if he wanted it too badly. And you could see as the World Cup started coming closer and closer, he started losing form. The harder he tried, the more the runs deserted him. He has played 44 of his 55 ODIs in a lead up to a world cup. whether it was 2015 or 2019. He missed the boat to 2019 World Cup. “3-dimensional” Vijay Shankar (to use the words used by the chairman of the selectors used in the post-selection press conference on 15 April 2019) was chosen over him. All he could do was to put up a sarcastic tweet that went like this: “Just ordered a new set of 3d glasses to watch the world cup!”

Do you go chasing after some things in your life, so desperately? You somehow want to marry that pretty girl. You want to move heaven and earth and marry that boy. You would do anything to emigrate to that particular country, perhaps. You want that job in that top corporate company or the government by hook or by crook. When your desire for things gets more than your desire for God, it can be detrimental to your spiritual life. Sometimes, you may come very close to possessing them, only to miss those things by a whisker.

At no point in life, as a believer, should you desire anything/anyone more than God. We must be able to truthfully say these lines with the Psalmist: One thing I ask from the LORD, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple (Psalm 27:4). The one thing we ever need in this one life we have is God himself! We need God’s presence more than his presents! Moses was like the Psalmist in this regard for his said, “If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here” (Ex. 33:15). Let’s get desperate for God himself more than the things/blessing he may give us! He is enough! As Philip put it in-effect: God himself is enough for us (John 14:8). As Job showed by example: we must love God for who God is, not for what he can give us; we must keep loving God even if the things he graciously gave us are taken away!

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On Palm Sunday Jesus rode into Jerusalem riding on a donkey. Only Matthew records that Jesus wanted BOTH the MOTHER DONKEY and it’s COLT (the Kid Donkey) (Mt 21:2). A person would be sitting on the back of that untrained colt for the first ever time, it looks like. Therefore, Jesus perhaps felt the presence of the parent would calm the colt’s nerves when a person (Jesus) sat on it. Do we cooperate with God’s plan for our kids the whole-hearted way this MOTHER DONKEY apparently did with Jesus’ plans for it’s kid donkey? Parents should encourage their born-again children to serve God. Parents do not ask generally kids, “Is it God’s Will?” when their kids say, “I want to go to the US to study and settle down there!” But when their kids say, “Mom/Dad, God has called me for full-time ministry to such and such a place in India itself!” most parents pour cold water on their enthusiasm by asking, “Are you sure, it is God’s will?” What a wicked double standard! How we show step-motherly treatment for the things of God! The Lord is watching this with deep sorrow and anguish. His anger may be triggered by our worldliness and money-mindedness. The message that comes to us from the Palm Sunday Matthew narrative is this: encourage the younger generation in your family to get involved in God’s Work, whole-heartedly!



dhoni angry

The most dramatic last over of ever of IPL – this RR Vs CSK Jaipur game’s last over!
Off the first ball the off-balance Jadeja hit a six – with pitch mud on his face to cover!
This over had an animated, hand-waving, already-out Dhoni invade the pitch
In his eyes the umpire who retracted the ‘no’ ball he had given was like a witch!
As Santner sent the last ball for an over-the-bowler, audacious six!
The cricket fans had watched a game that had everyone in a transfix!
You may be the great Dhoni, the greatest finisher the world ever saw
But taking waterbreaks at will, and storming into the pitch – that’s breaking the law
From this gripping T20 game came to me a lesson
Don’t believe it, even if an angel/big church pastor/stadium filling Evangelist teaches a unbiblical poison
– Duke Jeyaraj



warner bairstow


Hemant Brar writes these very interesting lines for espncricinfo about the record-breaking partnerships between Jonny Bairstow and David Warner for Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL12 – 2019: “Just over 16 months ago, David Warner and Jonny Bairstow were in the cauldron of an Ashes battle. During the first Test at the Gabba, the stump mic picked up Warner telling Bairstow “you shouldn’t headbutt our mates” in response to Bairstow’s head contact with Cameron Bancroft at a pub in Perth. This verbal volley riled Bairstow up and he was dismissed soon after while attempting an uppercut. In the third Test at Perth, Bairstow celebrated reaching his century by headbutting his helmet.

Now in 2019, in another Ashes year, Bairstow walks out to open with Warner. What do they do? They break IPL records, by putting together three successive century stands” (and a fifty-plus match-winning stand in their fourth game in a tricky, tough-pitch chase versus Delhi Capitals in their home-ground). ICC Cricket quoted England’s ODI Captain Eion Morgan’s comments about the duo this way: “Morgan, the England limited-overs captain, wasn’t surprised by their association, and drew parallels with the incident in football between Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, when in the 2006 World Cup clash between England and Portugal, Ronaldo played his part in getting Rooney sent off, just weeks before they were to reunite as team-mates at Manchester United.”

The 185 run-stand they put up versus Virat Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore is the highest ever opening stand in IPL History till date (5 April 2019). Brar writes, “Bairstow brought up his hundred off 52 balls (in that game), resulting in Warner embracing him in a hug.”

This pawing-each-other then but pouncing-on-prey-together now tale about Bairstow and Warner enthralled me. There was a time when Apostle Paul and Apostle Paul were at logger-heads with each other. Paul was not happy that Peter would not eat with non-Jews at all venues, but only at select-venues. He felt that was being hypocritical. But down the line, they seemed to have sorted their differences. Otherwise, Peter would not have equated Paul’s letters to God’s own word (2 Peter 3:16). Today we have both their Spirit-inspired books/letters in the same Bible. Paul authored atleast 13 New Testament books, while Peter wrote two books. Warren Wiersbe, a Bible Teacher whom I love, wrote, “Peter was a great man and perhaps the leading apostle; yet he gladly yielded to Paul – a newcomer and permitted him to carry on his ministry as the Lord led him.”

Have you had a misunderstanding with a brother/sister in the Lord? Do you realise that you both are in God’s army (unless your friend is part of a cult)? Would you reconcile with that person and join together with him/her so that you plunder hell and populate heaven? Do you realize the coming together of you both brings about an exponential multiplication of the effectiveness of the use of the unique talents you both have in the building of God’s kingdom? Little wonder the Bible says, “one can chase a thousand, but two can chose ten thousand” – not two thousand (Duet. 32:30).

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It’s not enough that we merely join the thousands of believers India-over to watch the Graham Staines story in a movie-theatre

Instead, a missionary spirit, and an unending excitement toward evangelism should become every believer’s life’s regular chapter

In our families and churches, there should be steadfast supplication for many who like Dr Graham Staines who, even today, serve Jesus in many a hostile-to-the-Gospel Mission frontier

And like Dr Graham Staines we should also be ready, for Christ, to die as a martyr!

And false teachings we may believe that do not square up with the Bible and the Graham Staines story like the Prosperity Gospel, the Hyper-Grace Gospel and the Immortality-on-earth Gospel, from our spiritual systems, we must allow to melt like on hot-iron butter!!!



Grace & Responsibility & KKR’s Andre Russell in Kings XI Eden Gardens Game of IPL12 – Duke Jeyaraj

ashwin russel

The Sportstar reports:

“Kings XI Punjab skipper Ravichandran Ashwin on Wednesday said that he would take the blame for the no-ball incident against Kolkata Knight Riders which cost his side the IPL match here.

KKR’s Andre Russell was yorked by Mohammed Shami off the last delivery of the 17th over when the Jamaican batsman was on three but to the horror of KXIP, the umpire signalled a no-ball as the visiting team was found to have one fielder short of the mandatory four inside the 30-yard circle.

Russell made full use of the reprieve as he hammered five sixes and three fours from the next 11 balls he faced to bludgeoned his way to a 17-ball 48, helping KKR to post a massive 218 for 4.

KKR made 56 runs in 19 balls after the no-ball incident to score its highest IPL total at Eden Gardens.” And eventually won the game.

Russell was showered with ‘grace’. He was given another opportunity to bat. And he made maximum use of it. He showed tremendous sense of responsibility.

That reminds me of a Bible truth. Do we respond with a sense of responsibility after having experienced the grace of God?

Impacted by grace, we have the responsibility of having to say ‘no’ to ungodliness and worldly passions (Titus 2:11-12). Enabled by the same grace we can do that! But do we do that?

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185 required for a win. Pink-attired Rajasthan Royals’ chase was in pink of health when they were 105/1 after 12 overs. Jos Buttler and Sanju Samson were batting well. That’s when Kings XI Punjab captain Ashwin came to bowl his last over. Upon finding Butler backing up too far, he whipped the bails before releasing the ball. Buttler was furious. But he had to leave the crease. He was out. He was gone. And thereafter, the Royals collapsed in their chase. Kings XI eventually scored a 14 run win, their first over Royals in Jaipur.

Espncricinfo reports: “Buttler was looking in control of the chase of 185 at that time, having scored 69 off 43. His wicket, though, triggered a collapse as hosts Rajasthan Royals lost seven wickets for 16 runs to lose by 14 runs. Every wicket brought about loud boos from the Sawai Mansingh Stadium crowd.”

“At the end of the match, Buttler shook Ashwin’s hand, but refused to look his way. Just behind Buttler, Uption seemed to have said something to Ashwin while shaking his hand, which made Ashwin stop in his tracks and give them a bemused look.”

Though I am not able to say for sure that Ashwin did not play the game in the spirit of the game in this match, I am reminded of a Bible story where the moral is: obey the law of God not just in letter but in the spirit of the same. Leviticus 23:22 the Bible has a law that was geared to help the poor of the land. That law goes this way: “And when you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap your field right up to its edge, nor shall you gather the gleanings after your harvest. You shall leave them for the poor and for the sojourner: I am the LORD your God.” Duet. 24:19 also repeats that law. Ruth 2:15-16 talks about how Boaz followed this law – he did so, not just in letter but in the spirit. This is what the Bible says: “When she rose to glean, Boaz instructed his young men, saying, “Let her glean even among the sheaves, and do not reproach her. And also pull out some from the bundles for her and leave it for her to glean, and do not rebuke her.” I love the phrase, ‘pull out some from bundles’. The law of God did not talk about ‘pulling out from the bundles’, but nevertheless, Boaz wanted that to be done. He was not asking, “What is the bare minimum I should do to keep the law”? Instead, he was following the law in the spirit, wholeheartedly. Would you do the same? Don’t ask, “What is the bare minimum I need to do to scrape through to heaven? Can I watch this show and still go to heaven?” The question itself is wrong. Obey God’s law in the spirit of the law. Do it wholeheartedly!




Jesus’ first message had these three key words: repent, believe, the Gospel (Mark 1:15). We can put that in a memorable way: (1) grieve/leave your SIN/(2)believe on the Savior/(3)perceive the story of the Gospel. The parallel verse in Matthew’s Gospel says, “Jesus BEGAN to preach, ‘Repent for the kingdom of heaven is near!’ (Matt. 4:17). It is sad to note that there are preachers who claim to preach the Gospel/do ministry where from BEGINNING TO END there is no mention of repentance. Matt. 4:17 also gives a ignored-motivation for repentance: the soon return of Jesus to the earth to establish his kingdom (in other words, his second coming, post which there will be judgment, post which punishment in hell, etc), Today, we want to only talk about the LOVE OF GOD as a motivation for repentance. In his very first sermon, Jesus invoked the WRATH OF GOD as a motivation for repentance. Choose today, who will be your preaching model. Jesus or the cultic, taking-people-to-hell hyper-grace false teachers! I would rather go with Jesus!

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