On Friendship Day each year, we are reminded of the fact that as believers we are friends of Jesus. Yes, without a doubt, we are! Jesus himself said, Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.  You are my friends if you do what I command” (John 15:13-14). Yes, Jesus is a friend who sticks closer than a brother (Prov. 18:24). Did you stop to notice that the passage in John 15 tells us that with the privilege of friendship comes the responsibility of obedience? The word “if” in John 15:14 makes Jesus’ offer of friendship even conditional to our obedience to Him (of course, an obedience that is moved by love). Did you ever slow down when you read that to know that with the blessing of friendship with Jesus comes the implied bond of obeying Him as well? Did it ever occur to us that the joy of being Jesus’ friends brings in the “job” of obeying Him as well (again it can be another ‘joy’ when that obedience comes from the heart!)! With the pleasure of being Jesus’ buddy comes the perspiration of daily obedience (enabled by the Spirit)! With the honor of being called Jesus’ chums comes the hardwork of obedience to the words of Jesus (propelled by the Spirit)!

Judas who enjoyed the “friendship” of Jesus did not fulfill the responsibility that came alongside it and he went to Hell, eventually! Jesus even called Judas his “friend” (Matt. 26:50). “Friend, do what you have come here to do!” – Jesus told Judas in the Garden of Gethsemane. Judas had exhausted all the gracious chances that Jesus had given him. Jesus gave him chances even though he knew Judas stole from his treasury (John 12:6). But that secret sin became a stubborn habit. Love of money was eating up Judas alive and he allowed it to happen without fighting that sin enabled by the Grace of God and the Spirit of God. For a price, he was ready to betray His master. When Jesus knew Judas had crossed the line of no-return, Jesus told him to do what he came to the Garden of Gethsemane to do. In those days, there was no Facebook. No Instagram. People who had not meet Jesus did not know how he looked like. That’s when there was a need to identify Jesus to the Roman Arrest Party. And Judas pitched in to make that extra buck. And after he did that, he felt miserable. “My life sucks after I chose an illegal way to make that extra buck!” he must have told himself! And he eventually committed suicide to land in eternal damnation – forever hell punishment (John 17:12).

Are we friends of Jesus? Absolutely! But that privilege must move us to the responsibility of obedience, empowered by the Holy Spirt as we continually cooperate with the Spirit!

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KOHLI PLAYS ACROSS THE LINE AND AFTER DOING ALL THE HARD WORK OF TAKING WITHIN 50 ODD RUNS OF A FAMOUS FOREIGN SOIL TEST WIN! Duke Jeyaraj brings out a Spiritual Truth with regard to hyper-grace and immortality on earth false teaching from this


India were within sniffing distance of a famous Test win in the first Test of the 2018 England-India series in Edgbaston, England. A flurry of boundaries byHardik Pandya made them and the Indian spectators believe that they could win that Test! That’s when Joe Root, England’s Captain threw the ball to Ben Stokes. Virat Kohli got a little carried away when he played across the line to an in-cutter from Ben Stokes and he was out leg before. Mark Nicolas wrote the following about that match-result changing moment: “But at 11.47 this Saturday morning Ben Stokes trapped Kohli in front of the stumps he had protected so vigorously and successfully since he first arrived at the wicket during the first session of play on Thursday (2 Aug 2018).” With Kohli gone, India’s hopes also evaporated and they lost the Test by 31 runs, their fourth narrowest Test loss when you considered the runs by which they lost. Kohli cannot be blamed for India’s defeat. Other Indian batsmen – Vijay, Dhawan, Rahul and Rahane – had to chip in. But they did not.

But the question remains: Why did Kohli play across the line, instead of playing with a straight bat, when India needed him to stay at the crease till the job was done? This was no ODI or T20 match chase with the asking rate climbing up! This was just the Day 4 of a 5-day Test! Potentially 150 overs were remaining to get those 50-odd runs and sew-up a sensational Test win! There was no compulsion whatsoever to play across the line. He could have waited for the loose ball to come to score. Did Kohli get carried away by the way Pandya hit those boundaries and tried to step up the gas to close the contest quickly with an eye already on India’s champagne-bottle celebrations post the Test, a Test that could have well been called “The Kohli Test” (given his innings of 149 runs in the first innings and 51 in the second)? Possibly.

India needed 53 runs with two wickets in hand after Kohli got out to get what could have been the most famous Test wins ever! Hardik could have continued his aggression and boundary flurry after Kohli left. Scoring 20-runs in an over is no big deal for Hardik Pandya. That would have been a wise thing to do after the dismissal of Kohli with just two tail-enders to give him possible company. But Hardik switched off his aggressive intent the moment Kohli got out. India eventually lost this totally thrilling Test match as Hardik got out last, 31 runs short.

From the Cricket Field to the Bible doctrine, let us make a switch. The Bible warns us that we must not get not “get carried away by all kinds of unfamiliar teachings” (Heb. 13:9). There are teachings popular today which I put in the category of getting ‘carried away’. One of those is the hyper-grace cult. It came when a Singapore Pastor got carried away by the teachings of Grace in the Bible. Even during Apostle Paul’s time this happened. Paul wrote to the Corinthian church this: “Already you have all you want! Already you have become rich! You have begun to reign—and that without us! How I wish that you really had begun to reign so that we also might reign with you!” (I Cor. 4:8). This statement of Paul was indicative of Paul’s concern that the Corinthian church believers had got ‘carried-away’ and landed-up in an “over-realized eschatology” which basically meant the blessings that could be theirs only after they reached heaven, they felt they already had them here and now or felt that they must have it here and now. For example, since the Corinthians believed this, they said, “It is good for a man not to have sexual relations with a woman” (I Cor. 7:1). They felt as spoke in the tongues of angels they were like angels in heaven, who do have sex, perhaps! Gordon Fee, noted New Testament Scholar explains this further: “Corinthians seems to have considered themselves to be already like angels, thus truly spiritual needing neither sex in the present (I Cor. 7:1-7) or a body in the future (I Cor. 15:1-58)”. But Paul believed there were some things that would only happen on the Final Day. That’s why he wrote this to them: “Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait until the Lord comes” (I Cor. 4:5). Basically Paul was telling them: “Don’t get over-board!” Because when we go over-board, we fall into error. And when we fall into error in doctrines that affect salvation, we land up in hell. It is that dangerous!

Another example of an over-realized eschatology is the wrong teaching that we will be immortal here and now on this side of eternity. A Chennai based pastor quotes I Corinthians 15:26 which says “the last enemy to be defeated is death” and teaches that until a generation of believers beats death here and now – that is becomes immortal now, that is, does not die at all while we are still on earth – only then Jesus will come back to the earth! Till that happens, Jesus would NEVER come back, he says! What a heresy! The plain teaching of the Bible is this: “Man is destined to die once and after that face judgment” (Heb. 9:27). In the same chapter quoted by this Chennai pastor – I Corinthians 15 – we have evidence to know that death will be finally defeated only when Jesus comes back the second time and not before that. In I Corinthians 15:52 he writes that the transformation of our body into immortal, imperishable bodies will happen when the “trumpet” will sound. “In a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and the mortal will immortality,” that verse reads. I Thessalonians 4:16,17 Paul clearly writes when the trumpet sounds Jesus would return again the second time to this earth. When this happens, death will be defeated, by Christ-followers when Christ returns (I Cor. 15:54-56). So, we believers, in case we are alive when Jesus returns again, will become immortal then! The Christ-followers who have died will be raised from the dead during that time and join those Christ-followers who are alive! Both these categories will be given immortal bodies that will not die ever, when that happens (when Jesus Christ returns). Not before that!!! Let us not fool ourselves!!!!

This teaching was made famous by a South African preacher who died after preaching this very thing – “You will not die on this earth here and now, if you believe in Jesus!” One of my preacher friends said, “Only if the guys who teach these bizarre things die, only then their followers will get some sense!” I would say, “I don’t want that to happen. God forbid! But even it that happens, it is unlikely some of these folk will repent from teaching hell-taking false doctrine – they are so sadly sold to it totally! That’s very sad! Articles like the ones you are reading are more to stem the tide of more people following such rubbish, than to correct these false teachers/cult leaders!”

I believe such heretic, cultic teachings are passed on because this generation does not like to hear these very biblical, yet unpopular messages: “Where will go if you died tonight?” (based on Luke 12:20, Luke 17:32). So the cult false teachers and pastors want to teach in-effect: “Why worry about death – you will not die at all!” What a deception! What a tragedy!

Let us steer clear of all such teachings that go ‘over-board’ because that will mean a “loss” – as it was the case for Virat Kohli and his men in the first Test of 2018 Series versus England in England. For us believers, ‘loss’ would mean loss of eternal life, ultimately and a life in hell, ultimately. Let us escape these strange false teachings and embrace sound doctrine from the Bible!

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This Widow Went Searching for Grain, But She Got A Groom! – Duke Jeyaraj

Widow Ruth went in2 the fields 2 look 4 GRAIN (Ruth 2:2), but the Lord gave her a GROOM (v4) there!He does more than what you ask or imagine! – Duke Jeyaraj, http://www.dukev.orgRuthNaomi_s



The Digital Superstar_

As I was helping my wife in the kitchen in cutting ‘small’ onions (I do not do it often, let me be frank!), this morning a big theology lesson came to my mind: reading the Bible in context is very important. The word ‘onions’ can be the kitchen item for some, or the English fast-bowler called Graham Onions (for cricket-mad people like me). The context determines the meaning. So when we read the Bible read the Bible in context. If you pull a verse out of context, you can easily change its meaning! For example 2 Cor. 5:21 which talks about believers being the “righteousness of God” cannot support the cultic, taking-people-to-hell hyper-grace teaching for the very next very which is unfortunately in the next chapter says this: “Working together with him, then, we appeal to you not to receive the grace of God in vain” (2 Cor. 6:1). Yes, the Grace of God does not absolve ourselves of the responsibility we have to work together with him – empowered by the Spirit – so that we will live holy. Non-cooperation with the Grace of God – this passage teaches – can cause make it a case of ‘grace of God (received) in vain’.

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Very often we hear this teaching on healing: You must speak the Word and you will be healed! The miracle is in your mouth!

My response: Really? Where do you see that in the Bible?

The Roman Centurion said these words to Jesus: “Lord, I am not worthy to have you come under my roof but only say the word and my servant will be healed!” (Matt. 8:8).

Two things we learn on the topic of healing from Jesus’ interaction with this Roman Centurion.

First concerns ATTITUDE. The Jewish Leaders felt that the sick and about to die servant of this Roman Centurion “deserved” to be healed, because of “he built the synagogue” of the Jews (Luke 7:4-5).

But the Roman Centurion did not feel that he or his servant or anyone “DESERVED TO BE HEALED”! If at all healing took place, it had to be by God’s Grace and by God’s Sovereign Choice. That’s why his words go this way: “Lord, I am not worthy (even though I have built the synagogue) to have you come under my roof….(and proceed to heal my sick servant)” (Luke 7:7).

What about you and me? Do we act and strut as if we DESERVE to get healed or GOD BETTER HEALS US? Don’t make that mistake. Learn from the Roman Centurion.

Now, to the second lesson on healing from the Roman Centurion. The first lesson concerned the ATTITUDE. The second lesson concerned the ARTICULATION. He said to Jesus, “….but only say the Word and my servant will be healed”! (Matt. 8:8; Luke 7:7). What was he saying here?This: if Jesus chose to heal his nearly-dead servant, he would say the Word and that Word was enough for his servant to get healed. He was implying the “ball” was in Jesus’ court. He was conceding that Jesus had to choose if he wanted to heal the servant here and now or not. If Jesus chose to do so, and spoke the Word, the healing would happen instantly!

How starkly different this is from the ‘name it and claim it’ teaching we hear from certain healing evangelists/pastors/so called miracle-workers! They tell us: “You command Jesus to heal you and he will obey you for it is always his will to heal you here and now!” This is plain rubblish! We will know that this is so when we have read this story from the Bible!

It was Jesus’ will to heal and therefore he spoke the Word and the Centurion’s servant got instanlty healed (Luke 7:10). The bottom line was this: the Roman Centurion had faith in the goodness of Jesus which he expressed with these wonderful words: “Lord, I am not worthy to have you come under my roof but only say the word and my servant will be healed” (Luke 8:8,9). This kind of faith which respects and bows before the will of God when it comes to healing or miracles is what ‘wows’ Jesus for he said, “I have not found such great faith even in Israel” (Luke 8:9).

Looking for a healing? For a miracle? Just pray like this humble, God’s Will-seeking Roman Centurion. Say, “Lord, I or the loved one whom I am praying for, do not deserve this healing/miracle. But only say the Word, Lord. If you will, please speak, Lord. And my loved one/myself will be healed/Will receive that miracle!”

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france celeb.jpg

“I have never seen or lived through such a World Cup,” said Coach Didier Deschamps of France!
So would have said the 1 billion people who watched the Final as if they were in a trance!
Six goals were scored in the regulation time and the 78,011 Luzhniki Stadium Crowd did dance!
Following Mario Mandzukic’s headed own-goal, with a 1-0 score, France did make a 1-0 advance,
Within 10 minutes the score became 1-1 thanks to Croatia’s Ivan Perisic’s bullet shot brilliance!
Ivan Perisic was deemed to have to done a ‘handball’ in the box as he tried a ball clearance!
Antoine Griezmann slotted in the penalty given via Video Review with his demeanor as cool as ice!
Pogba and Mbappe scored off lip-smacking long-range shots that lifted France to the skies!
When Mandzukic scored – helped by a careless dribbling by the French goalie – poaching on a half-chance,
The final score line read 4-2 and this plunging the punching-above-their-weight Croatia into despondence,
Small Croatia, with a population of over 4 million, did win something better than bronze!
Their President Kolinda Kitarovic, Player of the Tournament, Luka Moderic and others, held in tight embrace!
France’s top-talents ‘were willing to sublimate their individual games to a collective mission’ – those were, about this Final, Andrew Das’ lines of magnificence!
Lines which reminded me of Jesus who was willing to do the ‘ultimate sublimation’, leaving the glory of heaven and become Flesh, for the grander-goal of our sin-deliverance!
His death on the shameful Cross brings us peace, joy and forgiveness-assurance!
The French players did not delay in depositing champagne on their coach, Didier Deschamps’ head and you don’t have to delay putting your faith in this unique Jesus and in sin-repentance!

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FRANCE & HEAVEN – Duke Jeyaraj






E (tc, Etc)



E(-very nation represented)

A(-ll who put their faith in Jesus in Heaven)


E(-very nation represented)

N(-o one who trusts Jesus exempted from Heaven)

Duke Jeyaraj

Colin Randall wrote these lines about 2018 World Cup Football winner, France: ‘Now as then, Les Bleus are drawn from mixed ethnic origins. Mbappe, already a footballing phenomenon at 19, is the son of a Cameroonian father and an Algerian mother. Griezmann, though born in the Burgundy town of Macon, has German and Portuguese blood. And throughout the World Cup squad is evidence of the different roots and skin colours that make up France’s sometimes fractured society: players born in France or abroad to parents with origins in Mali, Guinea, Togo, the Congo and Angola as well as Monaco, Italy and Spain’ (The National). Kevin Baxter penned, ‘Sixteen of the 23 players on the team come from families that recently immigrated to France from places like Zaire, Martinique, Cameroon, Morocco, Angola, Congo or Algeria. Defender Samuel Umtiti, who scored the goal that sent France to the final, was born in Cameroon. Even captain Hugo Lloris, the goalkeeper, traces his recent roots to Spain’ (Los Angeles Times). The Cup Winners of 1 nation hailed from various nations! The French team which had players who were blazing white, beautiful brown and brilliant black – when it came to skin complexion – either defended together (even mid-fielder Paul Pogba) and (at times) attacked together!! They did things together!!! The World Cup was theirs! It will be so, in the final day. It will be so when the curtains are called on Time. It will so post the second coming of God in flesh Jesus Christ who died for the sins of each one reading this. The book of Revelation in the Bible says among those who ‘overcome through the blood of Lamb’ – the winners on the other side of eternity (Rev. 12:11) there will be those from ‘every nation, tribe, people and language’ (Rev. 5:9; 7:9). So, no matter who you are and which country you are from, come to Jesus, the God who shed His blood for you on the Cross, in repentance and faith, right now!

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Not Just Scoring “Goals” But Also Assisting Others To Do So As Well – Duke Jeyaraj

“Eden Hazard has been the best player on the pitch today, continuing a truly spectacular World Cup for the 27-year-old midfielder. He has three goals and four assists across the tournament.” – Washington Post after the England-Belgium third place playoff game which Belgium won 2-0 in Russia 2018. It is not just important to get to heaven (our ultimate goal) while enjoying the journey, but also to ‘assist’ others to get to heaven (the grander goal) by sharing about Jesus, the only way to the Father in Heaven! We should not only live holy but also share secrets of living holy from the Bible with other believer buddies, be accountability pals, thereby ‘assisting’ others to reach God’s Grand Goal for all of us which is holiness as expressed by I Thessalonians 4:3 – “It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality”.
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My Life’s Important Moments Meshed Around The Most Watched World Event As It Has Happened Over the Last Three Decades – The World Cup Football Finals (1986-2018)!!! – Duke Jeyaraj

The World Cup Football finals is the most watched event in the world each time it is played! One out of nine people in the World watch it! Today – July 15, 2018 – we have another one: Croatia V France! I am rooting for Croatia! I have been doing almost-daily devotions starting from World Cup 2018 Football games via Facebook, Google Plus and WordPress!

I recall my earliest TV watching experience to the Football World Cup. In the year 1986, as a 11 year old I recall going to the home of our neighbor in Vellore Town, Uncle Wilson (my friend Ben Suresh’s dad, now with Jesus), to watch the World Cup Football Final 1986 between Argentina and West Germany. Earlier that year, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior in a Blessing Youth Mission retreat in Ranipet. Though Cricket has been my fave game all through, I still haven’t forgotten the closing minutes of that 1986 Final – a final dubbed as the most exciting World Cup Football final ever – which Argentina won under Deigo Maradona, 3-2.I remember talking about this final when I made a point from the Word of God when I preached in the Youth Service of the Full Gospel Assembly of God, Indira Nagar, Bangalore, years later.

I was still in Ida Scudder School when West Germany won the Final of 1990 World Cup by beating Argentina through a late Brehme penalty. In Scudder school where I was a student for 9 long years (4th to 12th), I wrote in the Kaleidoscope, our School mag, about his final. I recall writing a poem on the 1990 World Cup. One line went this way: “As Brehme drove home the late penalty/There was joy among the Beckenbauer bombers, aplenty!” In Scudder school I preached my first sermon from stage and also was part of a lunchtime fellowship. Those were the early stages of my life when God would mold me to wrap Bible Truth around interesting sports events.

I was in Allahabad Agricultural Instistue as a B. Tech. student during the 1994 World Cup Final. I wrote a long poem on the final and sent to our the local newspaper, The Hitavada. I was thrilled to see that poem published. I don’t even have a copy of that hand-written poem now! The paper cutting was filed in a dark brown file and that file is now missing! It had over 50 Letters to the Editor of mine published by newspapers like The Hindu and magazines like The Sportstar over the years! In Agricultural Institute I led Bible Studies for fellow students in hostel rooms and went along with my seniors to do the same in other colleges in the town of Allahabad in eastern Uttar Pradesh. I recall talking about Roberto Baggio’s heart-breaking penalty kick miss in the Cup Final 1994 and how the Bible never missed it, when it came to predictions regarding the future. My days in Agricultural Institute. were the days during which God was impressing upon my heart to wrap Bible Truth around contemporary events of interest. I saw Billy Graham do it in his book, World Aflame, a book I read in New Hostel Room No. 45 in Agricultural Institute!

I recall watching the 1998 World Cup Final which France won in the home uncle Charles (now with Jesus) in Bangalore. I was a Bible College student in Southern Asia Bible College then and had gone to his house that weekend to stay back and watch the Final. Zidane scored two headed goals in that game which gave France its first World Cup win. “I was so hungry to score one goal in the World Cup Final, that I made it two!” So said Zidane. That has repeatedly served as an illustration when I talk about hunger for the things of God we must have! During my Bible College days I discovered that Apostle Paul wrapped basic truths of Scripture even around quotes of pagan writers (in Acts 17 in his speech at Athens). So I resolved that it was something I would also do. And the World Cup history provided me with lots of interesting events to wrap Bible Truth around!

I watched the 2002 World Cup Final with my wife in Trivandrum where we were missionaries with Blessing Youth Mission. It was then that I wrote an article titled, “Bible Lessons from the Football World Cup,” for the mag I edited for Blessing Youth Mission, “Missionary Kids” (which later became Arrows). Oliver Kahn (the Man of the 2002 Cup) carried Germany to that World Cup Final, I recall. Post that Cup, there were news reports about his affair with a Bar girl when his wife was pregnant. “Double life with a disco girl” – that was one headline. Then Kahn said, “I myself know how dumb and stupid what I have done is.” I have used this story as an illustration to promote purity when I preached to the Google Generation.

I watched the 2006 Cup Final in Hyderabad the city I landed up in to start Grabbing De Google Generation 4m Gehenna Mission (G4 Mission) while also working for a certain call centre to support myself and my little family. I recall writing an article for the G4 Mission magazine, The Days of Your Youth, based on the exciting semifinal between Germany and Italy – the most exciting game of that edition of World Cup. Late in that game, the Italian coach made a flurry of substitutions which ensured Italy won that game in extra-time without the game going into the penalty shootouts, a thing Italy was wary of. After mentioning that I went on to talk about the greatest substitution ever – that of Jesus Christ on the Cross for your sins and mine. I was inspired to write the poem on Zidane head-butting Materazzi with the gospel at the end which is now part of my book, The Good News for the Google Generation, then. That book can be read online here:

(on page 129 is the Zidane poem). During December 2005 I stood in Cyber Gateway in Hitec city to speak to a bunch of young professionals (call centre folk) in an informal setting as part an outreach effort of the NLAG Hyderabad’s Youth Alive. I began my Gospel presentation to that boisterous crowd with a story about Germany’s coach of 2006 Cup team who initially tried to coach Germany staying in the USA and how God came near during the first Christmas and that caught their attention.

When I watched the 2010 World Cup Final I was back to ‘fulltime’ ministry, having quit my job with the HSBC GSC, as the Lord was gracious to raise Indians to support our ministry to the Google Generation. Post that Final I wrote a poem that started with a certain “Jesus” who played for Spain in that final as a Substitute. That was fodder for yet another poem that wrapped the Gospel around a World Cup Final. That poem is also found in my book, The Goodnews for the Google Generation (a book I talked about earlier in this post)! In fact I wrote an article, “Bible Lessons from the Unforgettable Moments of the 2010 World Cup” and that article which had a anti-porn point starting with a story of a Paraguay female fan who wanted to strip if the team she supported won. I have used the Luis Suarez Hand of God injury-time incident in the Ghana-Uruguay Quarter Final from that World Cup at the end of many of my Gospel messages where I have called youth to come to Jesus shunning procrastination.

In the year 2014 when the Finals moved to Brazil, I watched it with my son, Dale Nathan, then 10 year old, teaching his nuances of Football, the way I taught him nuances of Cricket watching the 2011 Cricket World Cup Finals with him. Through this event I ran devotions on Facebook which started with interesting events from this World Cup including the Luis Suarez biting event which is here:…/a.420280954711…/687270011345873/…). 2014 was the year when I wrapped up my Doctoral program in Southern Asia Bible College by God’s grace.

Before we go to bed, we need to do self-examination, my spiritual mentors have taught me. But we also need to do an eagle-eye self-examination of our life’s progress. Evaluating our growth, once in four years, is a good exercise that will spur us to greater heights God has for us.

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LITTLE NOT NECESSARILY EQUALS TO BRITTLE -Duke Jeyaraj on the Croatia V England World Cup 2018 SemiFinal

6899ABED-A63C-4814-909B-6A36AE632290‘With a 2-1 extra-time victory over England on Wednesday, the Croatians (population of Croatia is just 4.1 million – lesser population than Chennai or Hyderabad or Surat) will attempt to become the smallest nation since Uruguay in 1950 (Uruguay’s population then was just 2.2 million) to win the championship. France awaits Sunday at the very same venue, Luzhniki Stadium.’ – Washington Post. The fact that you are little should not make you brittle. The fact that you are small should not make you easy meat for the enemy to maul! The fact that you are tiny does not mean that the bigger-than-you enemy will have it easy! Thank you Croatia for showing us that. Reminds me of the Bible verse: “Fear not, LITTLE flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32). As believers we may be a SMALL minority in a hostile-to-the-Gospel world. But we ‘fear not’ for when the Infinite God is with us, we are always a majority!!!(Duke Jeyaraj is the founder of Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission, the G4 Mission. This is a reader supported Indian ministry. Find out more at